Aromatherapy and Reiki

in Madison WI

My Story:

After having gone through a very painful and difficult time in my life, I found myself soul searching. I was trying to figure out life, where I wanted to go and what my purpose was.

Through meeting several mentors I began my journey. I’m grateful and proud of being able to help others and make a difference with the knowledge that I have been blessed to develop, and share with my Great-grandmother (a minister, herbalist and energy worker) to my mother to myself.

Now I find myself changed for a positive, from where I was just a few years ago with my family regularly commenting on the shift in me. It’s become easier to share my painful time, when I feel that it will help another heal or grow, even if it can be difficult for me at times to re-live. A continual healing process for me as well!

Through a few significant sports injuries that took me out of training for full year, I was guided into a new direction. I suddenly found myself taking a class to be Reiki certified before I really even knew what I was about to do – it just sounded right. Ironic how things always seem to work out, isn’t it?

I believe in continual growth and learning. That’s why I continue, each day, to being the best person I can be, in addition take classes, seminars and certifications, and meeting new mentors and friends.

Incorporating aromatherapy into organic, handcrafted items has continued to bring happiness, as i truly enjoy making each of the products available. And it's wonderful to see both humans, horses and dogs benefit from SAFE USE of aromatherapy.

And here we are today. I have appreciation for my mentors, family and friends for their encouragement and support on my journey. It’s allowed me to shine and find my purpose. While in turn, I look forward to helping you be the light that you are.

~ Jennifer K. Christianson, Owner

Classes taken as part of continued growth:

Soy Votive & Wax Melt Glass - September 2016 (Karner Blue Candle & Supply)

Animal Aromatherapy Aromatics Level 1 & MRSA Courses - In Progress - February 2016 (Ashi Therapy)

Animal Aromatherapy Level 1 - February 2016 (Ashi Therapy)

Aromatherapy Practicum 2 - December 2015 (MindSoulSelf)

Aromatherapy Practicum 1 - October 2015 (MindSoulSelf)

Aromatherapy 205: Intuitive healing with Aromatherapy - June 2015 (MindSoulSelf)

Aromatherapy 204: Energetic Healing with Aromatherapy - April 2015 (MindSoulSelf)

Aromatherapy 203: Spiritual Healing with Aromatherapy - March 2015 (MindSoulSelf)

Aromatherapy 202: Physical Healing with Aromatherapy - February 2015 (MindSoulSelf)

Aromatherapy 201: Emotional Healing with Aromatherapy - January 2015 (MindSoulSelf)

Aromatherapy: Level 1 Certificate - December 2014 (MindSoulSelf)

Aromatherapy 104: Essential Oil Anatomy and Physiology - December 2014 (MindSoulSelf)

Reiki Level Master - November 2014 (Inner Light)

Crystal Energy Balancing - November 2014 (Cheri Haines at TIBIA)

Aromatherapy 103: Essential Oil Biochemistry - November 2014 (MindSoulSelf)

Aromatherapy 102: Essential Oil Profiles - October 2014 (MindSoulSelf)

Aromatherapy 101: Healing with Aromatherapy/Intro to Aromatherapy - September 2014 (MindSoulSelf)

Energy in Action - May 2014 (whitedoor)

Essential Oils & Pets with Dr Mary Hess - April 2014

Pranic Healing Level 1 - April 2014 (Pranic Healing of Wisconsin)

Intuitive Space - January - April 2014 (whitedoor)

Foundation Workshop - January 2014 (whitedoor)

Raindrop Technique - January 2014 (Karen Wegert)

Basic Dowsing & How to Begin to Do Energy Work (with Pendulum) - August 2013 (Rooted Spirit, LLC)

Discovering Nature's Remedies - July 2013 (School of Nature's Remedies)

Reiki Level 2 - July 2013 (Inner Light)

Reiki Level 1 - June 2013 (Inner Light)

Young Living Essential Oils Independent Distributor - January 2013

Reiki Master, Jennifer Christianson


I have been in constant pain for years due to Fibromyalgia, Psoriatic and Osteoarthritis, asthma and COPD. Since using aromatherapy, as well as Reiki sessions my rheumatologist and chiropractor have both been amazed. They tell me to keep on doing what I’m doing.

Each day my arthritis and asthma are getting much better, as i focus on my health in all aspects (diet, exercise, stress, and new "tools" of aromatherapy and Reiki). I have been able to cut down on my prescriptions and no longer require the use of a cane. Thank you Jennifer for all your help and guiding me on this journey.

~ Mickie C, Sun Prairie, WI

(Reiki & Essential Oils)


Jennifer is truly beautiful source of light, assisting others in opening up to their true, authentic self. During my reiki session, her intuitive sense knew exactly what areas to focus on and my body simply opened up through her gifted hands with calmness, shifting of energy within and balancing my entire body. Jennifer exudes such joy, love and the willingness to do good for all. For anyone feeling stuck in their life, Jennifer is the one that can assist you to this new awakening within. Thank you, Thank you Jennifer, for being the light that you are. I am truly grateful to have been guided to you for such a powerful blessing.

~ Gwen C, Texas


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