Aromatherapy and Reiki

in Madison WI

Intuitive Insights, Sessions and Emotional Release

I like to describe this as Intuitive Insights - clients come prepared with a few questions to ensure we cover what they want to discuss – sometimes in the excitement you can forget what you wanted to discuss. WE can do also as an Aromathrapy Session - where we custom make a perfume based on a specific topic you are wishing to work through. (One of my favorite sessions to do!)

It’s important to remember that we all have intuitive abilities (your gut check) but sometimes we ignore because of doubt, distractions, or emotional upheaval. Trusting those intuitive muscles can help us make decisions. During the conversation, sometimes the answer you are working towards is right in front of you. And at times, we'll sit in silence while contemplation is occurring.

Take this time for your personal discovery, contemplation, having an objective viewpoint or create a custom aromatherapy blend to help support your needs (balance, support health/mood and stress relief). The world is out there - and you ARE in control of your destiny.

I am not a licensed counselor nor do i claim to be. I am using a holistic view to help you with your journey to be the light that are you.

The trick is to enjoy life. Don't wish away your days, waiting for better ones.

~ Marjorie Pay Hinckley

Rate is $35 for 30 minutes / $65 for 60 minutes and if client needs during or at end of session, can include use of essential oils at no additional charge.